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TitleHVAC Lead
Posting ID4492


TITLE:                                                                                                    Lead HVAC



  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Valid State of Oklahoma contractor’s license.
  • Applicable city contractor’s license (Bethany, Oklahoma City and Warr Acres).
  • Licensed in the following areas, boilers, refrigeration, unlimited air conditioning, unlimited heating, natural gas piping and sheet metal.
  • A good knowledge of HVAC central plants and individual units. (chillers, cooling towers, boilers, rooftop package, split systems.)

REPORTS TO:                                                                                      Maintenance Director


SUPERVISES:                                                                                      HVAC Crew



  • Supervisory skills.
  • Computer skills
  • Assign and assist with work orders.
  • To oversee all repairs, replacements, remodels, additions, etc.
  • To oversee and assist in seasonal tear downs and inspections of the boiler, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handlers, etc.
  • Scheduling and overseeing of annual state inspections of all HVAC equipment for the district.
  • To assist and advise any other trades of the Maintenance Department or Buildings & Grounds Department as deemed necessary. (sequence of operation of equipment, safety features shut down steps.)
  • To stay informed of our monthly chemical analysis of heating, cooling, and condenser water loops and to assure our program is one of top quality.
  • To insure personnel are kept aware of new technology in the HVAC field by up to date schooling or refresher classes.
  • To keep on call list to assure someone will attend to emergencies or check equipment on weekends and holidays.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/01/2017