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TITLE:                                   Custodian II


QUALIFICATIONS: 1.    Demonstrated aptitude for successful fulfillment of                                                          assigned performance responsibilities.

                                                2.    Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the  

                   Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

  1. Ability to safely lift and carry 55 lbs.


REPORTS TO:                      Site Manager


JOB GOAL:                           To provide students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean, and efficient educational environment in which to learn, play and develop.




  1. Keeps buildings and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, and

recreational areas neat and clean at all times.


2.     Sweeps classrooms and dusts furniture in accordance with frequency schedules     adopted by the Buildings and Grounds Department.


3.    Cleans corridors as required in accordance with frequency schedules adopted 

        by the Buildings and Grounds Department.


4.     Maintains the restroom and locker room facilities according to Buildings and

        Grounds standards of sanitation and appearance.


5.     Washes all windows according to frequency schedules adopted by the

        Buildings and Grounds Department.


6.     Keeps the grounds litter free.


7.    Keeps all floors in a clean and attractive condition and in a good state of   



8.   Reports necessary repairs promptly to the immediate supervisor.


9.   Reports immediately to the immediate supervisor any damage to district



          10.   Remains on the school premises when attendance is authorized and required

                  by the supervisory staff.


  1. Moves furniture or equipment within buildings as required for various 

activities and as directed by the supervisory staff


  1. Complies with local laws and procedures for the storage and disposal of

garbage, rubbish, and waste.


  1. Monitors the status of property lighting for necessary bulb replacement.

Reports necessary replacement to the immediate supervisor.


  1. Complies with departmental standards concerning performance, cost

efficiency, safety, maintenance, energy management and any assigned

               responsibilities of the Buildings and Grounds Department.


  1. Uses and maintains departmental and school equipment and property so as

to maximize the effective service life of that equipment


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:         Twelve month year.  Salary to be

                                                            established by the Board.


EVALUATION:         Performance of this job will be evaluated monthly during

                                    probation periods and annually thereafter in accordance with the

                                    provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of nonprofessional



DISCLAIMER:         This Job Description is subject to changes in both Board and

                                    Buildings and Grounds Department policy.  Changes in this job

description is subject to the approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Operations.



Reviewed and Accepted By:  ________________________   Date:_________________


Approved By:  ____________________________________  Date:_________________

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Hour
LocationBuildings and Grounds

Applications Accepted

Start Date01/21/2020