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Information Specialist (LMS) - Central (7278)

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TitleInformation Specialist (LMS) - Central
Posting ID7278

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Title:                                    Information Specialist




  • Masters degree in Library and Information Studies preferred.
  • Current Oklahoma School Library Media Specialist certification.
  • Possesses highly developed interpersonal, group, communication and organizational skills.


Reports to:                         Site principal; may also consult the Director of Instructional Technology


Job Goals:

  • Develops an effective library media program in support of the school’s mission that provides access to information resources, and instruction for all students and staff.
  • Coordinates with teachers to provide learning experiences that utilize a wide variety of resources to assist with student mastery of subject and grade-level standards.
  • Integrates information and technology skills that meet the objectives of the school’s curriculum.
  • Manages and takes responsibility for the care, development and use of the library media center, its physical and digital resources to maximize the school library media program’s effectiveness.


Performance Responsibilities:


  • Systematically develops a collection of physical and digital resources that support the school’s curriculum goals through appropriate evaluation, selection and requisition procedures.
  • Creates an open and inviting atmosphere encouraging students and staff to access the library media center and its resources.
  • Maintains an accurate and current account of the library media center’s holdings.
  • Assists teachers and students in meeting curriculum goals.
  • Plans collaboratively with teachers to instruct students on the research, information seeking, and information evaluating components of the curriculum.
  • Works collaboratively with department and grade-levels to develop curriculum that addresses the information needs of 21st century students.
  • Serves as a resource to administrators, teachers, students and the community on issues regarding copyright and intellectual freedom.
  • Educates students and staff regarding laws and district policies about the use and sharing of copyrighted works and intellectual property.
  • Takes a leadership role in promoting the effective use of media and technology.
  • Provides instruction for students concerning the use of technology to access and use information resources available inside and outside the library media center.
  • Provides instruction for teachers concerning the use of technology to access and use information inside the classroom.
  • Provides instruction on skills students need to be critical consumers of media.
  • Takes steps through a variety of methods to motivate students and teachers to read for pleasure and continued learning.
  • Administers the budget for library media resources.
  • Supervises library media assistants and volunteers in the performance of their duties.
  • Promotes the library media program through ongoing communication with administrators, teachers, students and patrons.
  • Stays current with professional library and education trends.
  • Performs other duties as required or assigned to benefit the library media program.


Terms of Employment:         Nine months.


Evaluation:                                      Performance of this job will be evaluated annually

                                                                 in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy

                                                                 on Evaluation of Certified Personnel.  


Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationCentral Elementary

Applications Accepted

Start Date04/15/2020