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Elementary School Building Site Manager (7302)

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TitleElementary School Building Site Manager
Posting ID7302

Title:    Elementary School Building Site Manager



¨       Experience as a site manager for custodial services, preferably in an educational environment.

¨       Managerial level communication, both verbal and written skills.

¨       Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


Reports to:      

¨       Director of Building & Grounds

¨       Site Administrators

¨       Director of Maintenance

¨       Safety Engineer

¨       Energy Manager


Job Goal:

To coordinate and manage the custodial care of the facility assigned to their care in a condition of operating excellence so that optimum educational use of those facilities may be made at all times.


Performance Responsibilities:

¨       Responsible for the opening and the securing the facility for a school day, activities or occupancy.

¨       Responsible for scheduling of assignments

¨       Responsible in supervising (1-4 employees) and participates in the general cleaning of the facilities.

¨       Responsible for Quality Assurance programs are effectively implemented to insure the quality standards expected.

¨       Responsible for the receiving of inventory control supplies and equipment and maintains necessary inventories.

¨       Responsible for the time records of all custodial personnel assigned to their facilities and certifies them for salary payments.

¨       Evaluates the performance of the custodial staff on a regular basis (annual )

¨       Responsible for the general security of the building.

¨       Responsible for knowledge locations and operations of fire control extinguishers and maintains the general fire safety of the building.

¨       Responsible for the training of the custodial employees under their supervision.

¨       Coordinates with Central Maintenance, the custodial responsibilities of the remodeling and renovation work.

¨       Maintains the district approval allocation of labor resources allocated to the assigned area of their responsibility.

¨       Performs emergency repairs or cleaning services for the site as needed.

¨       Coordinates with the energy manager, the custodial responsibilities of the district energy management policy

¨       Monitors and regulates in consultation with the Central Maintenance climate control staff and the Energy manager, the comfort (temperature) level of the site to their responsibilities.


Terms of employment:

Twelve month year. Salary to be established by the Board.



Performance of the position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of nonprofessional personnel.


Approved By:                                                                                              Date:                                        

                              (Buildings and Ground Representative)


Review and agreed to by:                                                                              Date:                                        

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Hour
LocationBuildings and Grounds

Applications Accepted

Start Date12/09/2019