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Middle School Principal - Mayfield (2746)

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TitleMiddle School Principal - Mayfield
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TITLE:                                              MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL


REPORTS TO:                                 Executive Director of Secondary Education


SUPERVISES:                                  All personnel serving in assigned school


JOB GOAL:                                      To make the school facility an attractive, pleasant and productive place in which to work and learn.






  • *Ensures clear and measurable goals are established and focused on critical needs regarding improving overall student achievement at the school level.
  • *Ensures clear and measurable goals are established and focused on critical needs regarding improving achievement of individual students within the school.
  • *Ensures that data are analyzed, interpreted, and used to regularly monitor progress toward school achievement goals.
  • *Ensures that data are analyzed, interpreted, and used to regularly monitor progress toward school achievement goals for individual students.
  • *Ensures that appropriate school-level and classroom-level programs and practices are in place to help all students meet individual achievement goals when data indicate interventions are needed.
  • *Provide a clear vision as to how instruction should be addressed in the school.
  • *Effectively support and retain teachers who continually enhance their pedagogical skills through reflection and professional growth plans.
  • *The school leader is aware of predominant instructional practices throughout the school.
  • *Ensures that teachers are provided with clear, ongoing evaluations of their pedagogical strengths and weaknesses that are based on multiple sources of data and are consistent with student achievement data.
  • *Ensures that teachers are provided with job-embedded professional development that is directly related to their instructional growth goals.
  • *Ensures that the school curriculum and accompanying assessments adhere to state and district standards.
  • *Ensures that the school curriculum is focused enough that it can be adequately addressed in the time available to teachers.
  • *Ensures that all students have the opportunity to learn the critical content of the curriculum.
  • Provides ongoing, research based instructional leadership for the school.
  • Lead teachers through analysis of all types of data including: OCCT, benchmark and common assessment data at the individual teacher, grade & subject to improve student academic performance.
  • Facilitate development of an effective school growth plan.
  • Assures implementation of Common Core State Standards and other district curriculum.
  • Develops site improvement plans and CLEP based on available data
  • Oversees the implementation of district curriculum goals, philosophy and policies within the area of authority.
  • Assists teachers in establishing meaningful goals, objectives and evaluation procedures related to educational enhancement.
  • Assists teachers in evaluating their methods of instruction/teaching skills and effectiveness of learner outcomes.
  • Ensures that teachers meet individual student needs and abilities and develop satisfactory growth in skills based on assessment data.
  • Assists teachers in providing a classroom atmosphere conducive to maximum learning.
  • Conducts short and long range curriculum and other site based planning; anticipates customer needs due to changes in growth, demographics, revenue, and technological environments.



  • Interviews and makes recommendations to hire school personnel.
  • Cooperates with college and university officials regarding student teaching and preparation.
  • Supports the school board, superintendent and all central office administration in district efforts.
  • Delegate authority to appropriate personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the principal.
  • Assumes responsibility for the implementation and observance of all Board policies and regulations by the staff and students.
  • Assumes responsibility for the safety and administration of the school site. Monitors safety and condition of the building and grounds.  Monitors bus safety as well as all other means of student transportation and traffic flow around school.
  • Supervises and evaluates personnel.
  • Supervises the guidance/counseling program.
  • Facilitates the development of the master/student schedules.
  • Foster a school culture of collaboration. Ensure professional learning communities are conducted weekly in every grade/subject.
  • Submits reports to appropriate administrators as requested on or before deadline.
  • Manages site budgets according to instructional and building needs.
  • Approves all requisitions and work orders for the site.
  • Oversees training of staff in the technical and procedural aspects of their jobs; Provides opportunities for selected professional development experiences with staff that are geared toward excellence in education.
  • Properly administers new employee orientation of all district expectations.
  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective utilization of resources, and the proper accountability of revenues and expenditures; maintain inventory and/or cost-accounting systems.
  • Implements program to encourage staff to be customer focused.



  • Provides opportunities for community members to become involved in school activities.
  • Establishes and maintains regular communication with parents and the community. Maintains  on-going communication to students, parents and staff through bulletins, announcements, newsletters, meetings, school website, school messenger, etc.
  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with local community groups and individuals.
  • Encourages teachers to maintain effective communications with parents.
  • Coordinates parent, faculty and student groups to enhance educational programs and activities.
  • Motivates staff to participate in reviewing areas of responsibility to look for ways to improve performance; Encourages initiative and creativity without risk; Develops staff morale to reinforce successful performance.
  • Ensures that teachers have opportunities to observe and discuss effective teaching.
  • Ensures that teachers have formal roles in the decision-making process regarding school initiatives.
  • Ensures that the teacher teams and collaborative groups regularly interact to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and the achievement of all students.
  • Ensures that students, parents, and community have formal ways to provide input regarding the optimal functioning of the school.



  • Establishes guidelines for proper student conduct and student discipline with teachers and staff.
  • Provides environment where students assume responsibility for their own behavior and the attitude/behavior of their peers regarding school property and respecting the rights, properties, and opinions of others.
  • Encourages the development of student behavior based on a sense of moral/ethical behavior and ennobling values.
  • Involves students and staff in developing and maintaining reasonable standards of conduct.
  • Facilitates the development of the student handbook.
  • Ensures that all extracurricular events/activities are properly supervised by a member of the site administrative team.
  • Ensures that the site follows all procedures related to the hearings/appeal process in all student matters resulting in suspension.



  • Develops the trust of the faculty and staff that his or her actions are guided by what is best for all student populations.
  • Ensures that faculty and staff perceive the school environment as safe and orderly.
  • Acknowledges the success of the whole school, as well as individuals within the school.




TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:             Ten, eleven or twelve month year.  Salary and work year to be established by the Board of Education.








EVALUATION:                               Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of administrative personnel.




Approved:                                                                                             Date:                        





Reviewed and agreed to by:                                                               Date:                         





























Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationMayfield Middle School

Applications Accepted

Start Date04/20/2020