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Licensed Practicing Counselor - PCH (7963)

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TitleLicensed Practicing Counselor - PCH
Posting ID7963


Secondary School Guidance Counselor -High School




  •   A valid certificate as a guidance counselor.
  •   Master’s degree.
  •   Such alternative to the above qualifications

      as the   Board may find appropriate and









To help students overcome problems that impede learning and to assist   them in making educational, occupational, and life plans that help them   become college & career ready.




  •   Aids students in course and subject selection and assigns students to   classes.
  •   Orients students to school procedures and varied opportunities for   learning.
  •   Works to prevent students from dropping out of school, including   presenting options to at-risk students.
  •   Coordinates/assists in development of master schedule.
  •   Maintains student records towards graduation requirements.
  •   Works to address needs of 504 & special education students.
  •   Make recommendations to colleges for admissions and scholarships and   provide student records including follow-up.
  •   Connects students to participate in school and community events.
  •   Helps students evaluate career interests and choices.
  •   Coordinates and administers testing programs as assigned.
  •   Counsels’ students on an individual basis in the solution of personal   problems related to home and family relations, health, emotional adjustment   and school related issues.
  •   Provides follow-up meetings with students related to drug/alcohol   suspensions.
  •   Continuous documented communication with parents.
  •   Maintains district guidance program.
  •   Provides in-service training in guidance for teachers and student   teachers. (includes suicide prevention and bullying)
  •   Assists administrators and faculty on matters of student discipline.
  •   Assists in the orientation of new faculty members.
  •   Coordinates & facilitates support groups with students.
  •   Assists with student mediation in solving problems and handling   situations.
  •   Assists students with scholarships & program information related   to college / career fields in coordination with college / career counselor.
  •   Coordinates clearing house for NCAA.
  •   Coordinates with off-campus programs for proper student placement and   meeting graduation requirements.    (Francis Tuttle,  Ombudsman,   Positive Changes, Project Hope, and Special Services related programs.)
  •   Monitors student records in progress of meeting requirements for   Oklahoma Promise.
  •   Performs supervisory duties as assigned by building administration.
  •   Performs other duties as may be assigned by building administration.





Ten-month   basis.  Salary to be established by the   Board of Education.





Performance   of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the   Board’s policy.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationPutnam City High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/21/2021