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Communications Director- Administration (8006)

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TitleCommunications Director- Administration
Posting ID8006

TITLE:                                                           Communications Director



  • APR - Preferred
  • Degree in public relations, communications, marketing, journalism, or related field preferred.
  • Work experience in communications or public relations preferred.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board any find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO:                                              Superintendent


JOB GOAL:                                                   To carry out the internal and external communications of the school district.





  • Writes and edits news releases. Writes and edits copy for district publications.
  • Photographs district events for release to news media and use in district publications.
  • Helps layout and design publications for internal and external use.
  • Fulfills media requests for information and maintains media relations.
  • Provides district information to existing and potential patrons upon request.
  • Provides district information to Realtors.
  • Communication with internal and external publics - Handles all aspects of the school district's publications.
  • Media relations - Writes news releases for all local newspapers/TV/radio; works to get media coverage of school district news. Serves as the media's liaison with the school district.
  • Budget/bond issue campaigns - Stays closely attuned to the entire budget-making process and promotes community input. Develops budget/bond issue campaigns and publications.
  • Communications planning/crisis communications planning - Writes/develops a communications plan for the district, detailing how to reach its internal and external publics; writes/develops a crisis communications plan of reaching publics, gathering the facts and dealing with media in a crisis.
  • Public relations research, surveys, polls, informal research - Conducts formal and informal research to determine public opinion and attitude as a basis for planning and action.
  • School district imaging and marketing - Promotes the district's strengths/achievements, and its solutions to problems.
  • Information station for the district - Answers public and new resident requests for information; maintains extensive background files; keeps district's historical and budget passage records; and plans for school district anniversary celebrations.
  • Public relations trainer - Provides public relations training to staff and PTO's in areas such as talking to the media, communicating in a crisis and recognizing that non-teaching staff are part of the school PR team. 
  • Community relations liaison - Serves as the district's liaison with community groups such as civic associations and service clubs; helps plan/publicize district's parent, senior citizen and community service programs. Develops ways to bring the community into the schools. 
  • Serve as content manager for district website.
  • Track all weather concerns, winter through spring through summer, keep administrative team updated in order to keep students and staff safe
  • Attend board meetings
  • Produce and distribute Board Highlights
  • Create School Messenger messages, including urgent ones
  • Manage Open Records requests
  • Manage or delegate Facebook and Twitter and/or other social media
  • PlanDistrict Convocation
  • Active participant with District Teacher job fair and teacher recruitment
  • Liaison with municipal police departments as needed (Gary Knight, for example)
  • Foundation board ex-officio member and attending PC Foundation board meetings
  • Basic photography skills, maintain district photo library



TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:            Twelve-month year.  Salary to be established by the Board.


EVALUATION:                                  Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent.



Approved by:  ________________________________________         Date:                                   



Reviewed and agreed to by:  _____________________________       Date:                          




Putnam City School District I-1, Oklahoma                                                                  

November, 1999

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationAdministration Office

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Start Date08/04/2021