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Child Care Provider (Floater) - PC Center (8076)

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TitleChild Care Provider (Floater) - PC Center
Posting ID8076

Title:                                     Child Care Provider


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Criminal history review request and fingerprinting
  • ELCCT training through CECPD (90 days to complete)


Reports To:                  The Smart Start Program Assistant (Child Care Center Director) supervises and evaluates employees in this position.



Job Goal:                            To assure a smooth and efficient environment of all students so that the students gain the most benefit from their learning experience.


Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Provide care and maintain the well-being and safety of the children in the classroom.
  2. Plan and carry-out activities appropriate for the age of the children in the classroom.


  1. Maintain a safe and clean environment by sanitizing all the toys and surfaces on a regular schedule.
  2. Comply with all Department of Human Services regulations pertaining to the site and children in the program’s care.
  3. Observe and record children’s activities on the approved program forms.
  4. Provide information to parents about their children, as well as, child development information.
  5. Participate in staff meetings.
  6. Fulfill annual staff development or training sessions as required by the Department of Human Services.
  7. Write and implement weekly lesson plans based on the ELG (Early Learning Guidelines).


Terms of Employment:           Ten, Eleven or Twelve months.  Salary and work year to be according to the current schedule. 


Evaluation:                             Performance of this job will be evaluated annually

                                                in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy

                                                on Evaluation of noncertified personnel.



Approved by:__________________________________________  Date:_______________



Reviewed and agreed to by:_______________________________  Date:_______________


Rev: 08/10/2016

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationSmart Start

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/03/2021