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Elementary School Health Aide - Wiley Post (8079)

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TitleElementary School Health Aide - Wiley Post
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TITLE:                                               Elementary School Health Aide



  • High School graduate         
  • Completion of orientation/training with the Health Services Supervisor.
  • Clerical/computer skills commensurate with need.
  • Awareness of certain state laws and district policies relating to school health.
  • Knowledge gained from completion of the American Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aid instruction.
  • Ability to skillfully carry out well defined health care activities, as directed by the Health Services Supervisor.
  • Ability to use good judgment in managing ill and injured pupils and notifying parents and teachers.
  • Ability to communicate appropriately with the Health Services Supervisor, pupils, school personnel and parents.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of information learned in the performance of duties.
  • To ensure continuity of services, remote work may be necessary in the event of a health crisis or disruptive situation that requires the closing of school and/or office buildings. An employee’s eligibility for remote work will be determined by the superintendent of schools. Expectations and guidelines for remote work will be distributed by the employee’s supervisor, based on his/her role and responsibilities.


REPORTS TO:                                              Principal, Health Services Supervisor





  • Demonstrates punctuality and dependability, principal if unable to come to work.
  • Appears clean and appropriately dressed.
  • Displays a positive attitude and interest in the job.
  • Manages and maintains the school clinic, carrying out selected duties as requested by the Health Services Supervisor or Principal.
  • Greets all students, who come to the school clinic seeking assistance, determines their individual needs, and provides care and/or refers them to the Principal or Health Services Supervisor.
  • Dispenses medication and carries out treatments as directed by the Health Services Supervisor.
  • Performs a variety of clerical duties, including setting up and maintaining health record as specified by the Health Services Supervisor.





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TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:                     Nine month year.  Salary to be established by the                                                                      Board.


EVALUATION:                                             Performance of this job will be evaluated                                                                                   annually.







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Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationWiley Post Elementary

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/07/2021