TITLE:                                                 Skilled Bus Mechanic






EDUCATION:                                                  High School diploma, GED or equivalent.


EXPERIENCE:                                                Two or more years in auto and diesel mechanics preferred. Some training may be substituted for actual experience.


REPORTS TO:                                               Shop Foreman




            Mechanic must have knowledge of gas and diesel equipment, transmissions, front ends, brakes, drive line, electrical and charging systems, etc. Mechanic must perform work involving welding, brazing, shop presses, air tools, jacks, dollies and automotive equipment and tools. Responsible for parts and preventative maintenance schedules in the absence of shop foreman.







TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:              Twelve month year. Salary and work year to be according to the current schedule.


EVALUATION:                                     Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Administrative Personnel.


Approved by:                                                                                                   Date:


Reviewed and agreed to by:                                                                           Date: