TITLE:                                      Occupational Therapist

QUALIFICATIONS:                     As set by state certification  authorities

REPORTS TO:                            Special Services Director

JOB GOAL:                                To help students having motor problems achieve better skills, keeping with the goals and objectives of their IEP, so that they may become as independent  as possible in fine motor and adaptive/self-help  skills in the school environment.




  1. Respond to referral requests as part of the educational team.


  1. Assess and document student skills and needs including, but not limited to, the following areas:
  2. Perceptual  motor and sensory-motor  functioning: kinesthetic,  tactile, and vestibular sensation, visual motor coordination, bilateral motor coordination, motor planning, defensiveness  or protective response to sensory stimulation, hand dominance, visual perception, position in space, and body image;
  3. Self-care skills: feeding, dressing, hygiene, toileting, grooming, wheelchair use, and transfer skills;
  4. Motor function: control and coordination of posture and movement, strength,

endurance, joint range ofmotion, fine motor skills, oral motor function, functional hand use;

  1. Vocational readiness skills;
  2. Need for individual and environmental adaptations, such as upper extremity splints and prosthetics, writing devices, eating utensils, adapted classroom equipment, positioning devices, and architectural modifications.


  1. In conjunction with other members of the educational team, determine educational goals and objectives and need for occupational therapy services.


  1. Implement and document occupational therapy services.


  1. Assess and recommend environmental modifications  and equipment for accessibility and independence in the studenfs educational program.


  1. Consult with teachers regarding potential referrals and needs of students currently receiving occupational  therapy services.



  1. Consult with, instruct, and monitor school personnel (teacher, paraprofessionals, and teachr  assistants) on child specific activities and program modifications  to work toward achievement of IEP goals and objectives.


  1. Manage own student load, documentation requirements, workspace,  and equipment.


  1. Assume responsibility for supervising occupational therapy assistants as outlined by The American Occupational Therapy Association and in accordance with Oklahoma State Licensure laws.

Please note: To ensure continuity of services, remote work may be necessary in the event of a health crisis or disruptive situation that requires the closing of school and/or office buildings. An employee’s eligibility for remote work will be determined by the superintendent of schools. Expectations and guidelines for remote work will be distributed by the employee’s supervisor, based on his/her role and responsibilities.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:           Established by the Putnam City Board of Education. EVALUATION:                                     Performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with

provisions of the Board's  policy on evaluation of certified or support personnel.


Approved by:__________________________________________  Date:________________


Reviewed and agreed to by:_______________________________   Date:________________